Special Christmas Menu


Special Christmas Menu

Available from 24 November to 24 December

1x Starter, 1x Main Course, 1x Side Dish, 1x Rice or Bread and Coffee

20.95 per person

Choose 1 dish from each section below:



1. Keema Bora

Minced lamb infused with freshly crushed ginger, flavoured with cinnamon and cumin, crumb coated and shallow fried in olive oil.


2. Chingri Chat

King Prawn pieces seasoned with hot spices, and cooked with chopped tomato and cucumber.


3. Special Shaslick

Strips of chicken breasts marinated in a medium spiced sauce of herbs then grilled with peppers & onions.


4. Bahari Paneer (Vegetarian)

Cubes of homemade cheese marinated in an exotic Goan style sauce consisting of, cumin, bay leaf, coriander seeds and grilled to a crunch.


5. Raj Kumbi (Vegetarian)

Stir fried mushrooms consisting of mustard garlic coriander & fresh blends of spices, topped with a garnish of peppers and onions.


Main courses


1. Merchants Special Lamb

Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a fusion of Indian & Persian recipe, medium spicy and truly elegant flavours. Tantalising!


2. Chefs Special Roast

Diced Chicken breasts marinated in, Indo-Arab style recipe sauce, then slow cooked to perfection. Chefs favourite!


3. Garlic Chilli Special

Strips of chicken breast cooked, in a mix of fragrant exotic spices and garlic, finished with a garnish of Naga chilli. For fans of spicy flavours!


4. Fish Bengal Special

Tilapia fillets prepared and cooked in a traditional Bangladeshi style recipe, with grounded cumin, bay leaf and methi. Truly authentic!


5. Jafrani Paneer (Vegetarian)

A mixture of vegetables and homemade cheese simmered in a rich sauce containing fenugreek, cumin, mustard, saffron and jayetri.


Side Dishes

1. Aloo Jhal baby potatoes cooked in a hot and spicy paste of highly flavoured herbs.


2. Haleempuri Daal a specific breed of lentils steam cooked and laced with butter-fried ginger and garlic.


3. Chana Massala Chick Peas cooked with light fragrant spices.




1. Pulao Rice 2. Lemon Rice 3. Special Rice

4. Plain Nan 5. Peshwari Nan 6. Garlic Nan


Please Note:

This menu/offer is for Dining in only and cannot be used in conjunction with any other menu/offer. Drinks are not included.

Diners must make reservations in advance. Offer ends 24th December 2017.

For Reservations/Enquiries please call

Spice Merchants Restaurant on 020 79878779